by Brendan Adams

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released May 16, 2014



all rights reserved


Brendan Adams Cape Town, South Africa

Brendan Adams

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Track Name: Caught Me
Caught me

The useless man puts out his hand to paint dreams on a canvass o fair
And I understand for it is my soul that paints him right there
I drop a coin into his cup as I walk on by
And he says to me you will be free the moment you decide
And I go on my way
Like a victim of the day
That working class has caught me
I’m planning my escape
And though most folk ignore me
I’ll soon be on my way
I’ll soon be on my way
The early mornings and late nights
Cut lines into my skin
And I tread the sidewalk to a rhythm
That never ends
But I meet a smile that breaks the noise
In my masquerade
Now I can ignore what lies in store with the grief of a working day

I see dreams and other ways
But still a victim of the day
Track Name: Saint Love
Saint Love
In the great, great heart of hopefulness
There lives a girl
In this day her flame does not burn bright
But my spirit knows her well
She is felt inside
While I live
Beneath the starlit skies
She guides the soul
Into a place
Where hate is not designed
Right now she works in me
While time sets me free

Oh saint, oh saint
I’ll simply call you love

Beyond the bounds of broken town
There my strength waits
She is teary eyed but she smiles
Cause in here heart I’ve stayed
Right now she works in me
While time sets me free
Track Name: The Spell
The spell (under my skin again)

And here I stand
Once again
Easily moved
By a simple thought

Soon I’ll be back on that troublesome road
Cause I’m fooled believing that my love
Is a secret code

To her heart
And it takes ways
For me to know

Oh she’s under my skin again
Oh she’s working with how and when
Oh she’s under my skin again
Under my skin again

There’s all these words
That lay there claim to honesty
And feelings stand by modestly, but oh

Love was once
Just like truth that one could hold
Now dreams are paper jets

To fold
And it takes days
For me to know

Oh, I’m under her skin again
Oh, we’re working with how and when
Oh, we’re under the spell again
We’re under the spell again
I need to move on
But she’s got me stuck right there
Track Name: Brighter

Underneath the harsh sun
Between boulders of lime
Stood many brave souls
Shedding through the time
Strong minds weren’t put down by the blinding sun
No spirits daunted
By being fed only crumbs

Brighter than the sun
Was the spirit of the greatest men
Who believed in right now
Way back then

Time cannot be erased
Memories cannot be replaced
In the minds of some of the greatest men
Who believed in right no way back then

Brighter than the sun
Was the spirit of the greatest men
Who believed in right now
Way back then

Deprived of meal but who could steal
The knowledge the future would reveal
Working with stone right to the bone
Were the proud men who reclaimed their throne
Couldn’t be stopped with two right shoes
It’s the spirit within that could not be bruised

Brighter than the sun
Was the spirit of the greatest men
Who believed in right now
Way back
Track Name: Bicycle to the Moon
Bicycle to the moon

The world is in a situation filled with smoke and lights
Accompanied with the strand of time that’s hypnotised by full moon nights
I lay down understanding a beginning but not the end ??
And poetry that lied to me left my mind forever bent
And slowly I find a way
To avoid all the dismay

I ride my bicycle to the moon when my dream
When my dreams are in tune
With a touch of love from the heart
I know the end is the best place to start
Cause we can’t lose with love

I prefer the natural word
Before the toxic thought
To know freedom before I decide whether ??
Or not I am caught
When the world is pushing down
And your burden needs to be shared
The illusion states, it is your fate
But tomorrow says I’ll always be there
And oh so magically
I drift away
Track Name: When 1 wants to be 2
When 1 wants to be 2

I used to be a stranger
Then I became a friend
We used to be so mixed up
Then we became a blend

I used to envision liquid words
That poured into her heart
But she delivered quicker verbs
That motioned me to start

She let me know her foolishness
I let her know mine too
Now we’re in the thick of love
And things ain’t so green and blue

But she says
When 1 wants to be 2
I think of you
When the sun in 2
Is done
I’ll hold your hand and we’ll walk back to one

It used to be so simple
Now it’s incomplete
I want to be close to her you see
But pain shackles my feet
We used to be so forgetful
But now we remember all the time
And if our hearts lived like cats
This would be life number nine
They say nobody’s blameless
In these shameless, … times ??
See I’m nobody and I’m nameless
When she’s swimming in my mind
When 1 wants to be 2
I think of you
When the sun in 2 is done
I’ll hold your hand and we’ll walk back to 1
Track Name: Bleeding from old wounds
Bleeding from old wounds

My mind is born to this town
Stormy weather is here to find

There seems to be a verse inside that invites me in
It reads, ‘drink the freedom or be swallowed by the end that just begins’ ??

Cause you’re
Bleeding from old wounds
I need healing from something new
I need the feeling of something new

I stand incorrected in Adderly Street
Fighting for survival with an air of defeat
Each breath I breathe whispers possibility
I was free before it was said that I am free

Yet I’m bleeding from old wounds
I need healing from something new

Am I to be grabbed by the failing hand
My heart is an echo of a proud clan
The footprints are gone so may I step anew
Answers have proved me false so my questions must lead me through
Cause I’m bleeding from old wounds
Track Name: Colourful

The son of a teacher didn’t learn a lot
Turning time with the hopeless in a vacant plot
Soaking up the streets in a colourful place
He lives in the spirit behind his face
People they laugh and pull his chain
While the government perpetuates the peoples pain
Jobs are scarce and life ain’t cheap and thus the young brother couldn’t get no sleep
Cause he knows
It’s there
But the fool won’t scare

The ghost in his heart won’t go away
The ghost in the heart won’t go away
So he feeds it with love till the spirits say
That the ghost must go away

His left sober and undone
And the joy he once found don’t make no fun
In moments where he thinks, mother prayed
And father said forget what you have learnt
The street corner light, it offers hope
That he stuffs in a pipe and gladly smokes
And while he’s high the ghost it speaks
And his heart’s left troubled while it seeks
For heaven and grace
In this place
He walks with a smile on his face
Because he lives in a colourful place
He walks with at sown pace
The soles of his feet above disgrace
The son of the teachers falls in love
With an idea filled with romantic stuff
All too aware of tragic fate
But that’s how it is in a colourful place
For all time it’s there
But this fool won’t scare
Track Name: Late in Bloom
Late in bloom

Slowly I begin to realize
That the past and future have been tied
Like me and you in many ways
Like our dreams have played before these words
The taste of pain in this recipe
Moves between flavours of you and me
And life hurts more in innocence
We’ve both had our fingers burnt
What it is we learnt I can’t say

The world plays its tune
While my heart’s a crowded room
I won’t change too soon
Loves late in bloom

It’s so hard just to turn away
From the meaning of your yesterdays
I step into moments of fear
She says the future does not care, oh no ??
A reason follows every falling tear
The reasons are beautiful when she is near
Her eyes are like an antidote
That saves the lives of poisoned hopes ???
Love helps my mind to be renewed
Track Name: Second sunset
Second sunset
The second sunset (the surfers lament)

This is the second sunset I’ve seen in this place
The first sun was speaking in the shadow of weeping
Like a puzzle piece misplaced
The horizon has been lined with a glowing pen
The cape is beautiful and ugly but I understand
She born to my eyes concealed merely by grace
Just the vision of the lion fills the space
I watch the cool waters rise above the burning sun
And I ponder on the side of the world, where the day has just begun
The movement of the surface distracts me in my moment of calm
And when my eyes met the skies my pain was gone
I sit on the living shore absorbing the dying glow
It’s only fragments of reality that play in this picture show
The moon surprises me as it was there before

Like truth deep within that I choose to ignore
The ocean grabs my heart and makes me know the things
That has me peaceful with my mind and six eager strings

Now I’ve seen the cool waters rise above the burning sun
My mind wondering on other things is now done and gone
The rhythm of the surface has me swaying in my moment of calm
As I’m cradled by the sand with life in my hand I’ve moved on